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Weekly Card Pull - 2/18/24

Six of cups tarot card on purple background

The Six of Cups

So the card pull for this week is the Six of Cups, which is a card of connection and emotion, in my opinion.

In the card, you see two children with the older giving the younger a cup full of flowers. They're surrounded by the other five cups also full of flowers, which I see as daffodils. A flower of spring that comes even when the snow is still on the ground.

The element for the suit of Cups is water. Water is emotion, flow, intuition, relationships, and healing. I see the Six of Cups as a loving card, the love between family and friends. I see the children as brother and sister. The older brother is handing his little sister a cup of love that only a big brother can give. It invites the protective and deep love a brother has for his little sister. The adoring young girl looks up with happiness and security. It's a time of joy.

Daffodils symbolize rebirth, new beginnings, and the end of the frozen days that keep us within ourselves throughout the winter. It's time to break free of the cold and lift our faces to the sun. While it's not spring yet, this year winter seems to be a little short in my neck of the woods. We had one good storm and now our temps are well above the norm for this time of year. Snowfall has been out of the norm, too. So when we are usually dealing with lots of shoveling and snowy roads, this year we've seen the green grass much more than normal.

So, to me, this week's energy is telling us that we should embrace the deep love we have with family and friends. Its warmth signals the beginning of new things for the year. While we snuggled in warm blankets through the first of the year, now it's time to lift our faces to the sun and think about what we want to celebrate this spring. How will we welcome spring? Will we plant seeds indoors waiting for the time of planting? Or will we make plans to spend the spring traveling to new places or meeting new people?

It's time to be reborn and emerge from our winter cocoons and feel the joy of longer days and lots of sunshine that brings the daffodils of early spring. Be in flow and show those we love the depths of our feelings. Live is full of love and sunshine, don't waste it.

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